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Users could communicate in a variety of ways in Home. The wardrobe contained two sections: one was the main wardrobe for frequently used items capacity ofplqystation the other was a storage section for less frequently used items. Like in Xithere was a space for the game that could be accessed through the Navigator.

Home allowed users to create a custom avatarwhich could be groomed realistically. Bambling was made by nDreams and was released on March 17, [] No Man's Land [] was a multiplayer third-person tactical shooter, featuring a cover-based movement system and 4v4 team battles. They were also where most events occur. They really need to refine that, but that is exactly why they are playstation home gambling this Beta and I am sure the guys in the Beta have mentioned it to them already. Phil Harrisonthen president of Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios at the time, liked the idea of having a virtual 3D community hub for PlayStation gamers, and transferred the project to what would become PlayStation Home. Retrieved August 26,

PlayStation Home (which was also marketed and referred to as Home) was a virtual 3D social gaming platform developed by Sony Computer Entertainment's London Studio for the PlayStation 3 (PS3) on the PlayStation Network (PSN). It was accessible from the PS3's XrossMediaBar (XMB). 11 декабря года Sony запустила публичное бета-тестирование PlayStation Home, виртуальной площадки, где владельцы PlayStation 3 могли встретиться. + Games. Explore PlayStation exclusives, acclaimed masterpieces, greatest hits and more. Play + console exclusives, including The Last of Us, Uncharted, God of War and more.

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