Become a dealer in a casino

Become a dealer in a casino casino guide in

This means night shifts, weekends, and holidays. You have to be able to create a good bond and trust between you and the customer. Games taught: Poker, Craps, Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat.

Courses typically cover all aspects of dealing. Remarks: Live online dealer's school via the website. Restructuring Plan Approved for Caesars. Games taught: Poker, Pai Bceome, Craps, Routette. Once hired, you will need to obtain a gaming license from a regulatory agency so that you can work as a casino dealer.

Professional dealing schools, vocational training: Learn how to become a casino dealer /croupier/croupiere (Directory listing. Use this form to add, to update or to remove a Casino Dealer School listing.). Were you thinking of becoming a dealer but don’t know what to expect or how to approach the dealing industry? Entering the casino with no experience or understanding can make your career choice seem difficult, and let’s face it, what employer wants to hire someone clueless about their work environment? Becoming a casino dealer is a dream come true for many! But, few people actually take the big step and try it out! Would you do it? Learn how to now. Becoming a casino dealer can be a fun and exciting career. Playing cards all day and meeting new.

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