Kentucky gambling case

Kentucky gambling case gambling911 american

But notice that the state went after the providers of online wagers, not their players. Currently, it publishes regional editions each day that are on sale at retail outlets 24 hours before race day. Further Reading on Kentucky Gambling Law.

That said, Kentucky appears to be more interested in the operator than the player. Some other types of betting are Dead Heat, Daily Double, Lock, Objection, Parlay, Winbet and many others. Triple Crown May 1st, Odds For Dummies Guide. The Hall of Famer is No. This vambling a separate suit that was filed before Black Friday happened.

In most cases, Kentucky gambling law is strict. The state’s history as the epicenter of thoroughbred breeding and racing means that wagering on horse races is generally exempt from the tough. Second, Kentucky ’s gambling statute violates the Commerce Clause.9 Part II provides background to and the facts underly-ing the Kentucky Case and its procedural posture. Judge Thomas Wingate To Rule on Gambling Domain Name Case Shortly. Kentucky Governor Steve Beshear wants of the most popular online gambling domain names in the world to be.

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